CBD Concentrated Oil

CBD Concentrate Syringe


Most concentrated form of CBD oil. Designed for people treating cancer.

3 gram syringe: Approximately 1,250 mg CBD + other active ingredients (please read information below)

10 gram syringe: Approximately 7500mg CBD + other active ingredients. (please read information below)


Product Description

The big guns. Can be taken internally or applied topically.  A very concentrated form of delivery. Each gram contains over 700mg of active CBD as well as over 80 other cannabinoids and 400  terpenes, flavanoids, and trace compounds  that combine to produce a powerful, natural medicine . Generally taken orally in very small doses. Appropriate  for those requiring large doses of CBD daily for pain, or to help kill cancer cells. Can take 60 min or more to feel the effects. Best to split doses into 2 or 3 throughout the day. Can last 4- 12 hours

Product Usage

Oral Dosing: This product is sold in an oral syringe (without a needle) strictly for the purpose of storage and aiding in measured dosing. Start with the size of a small grain of rice which is the equivalent of approximately 75mg of CBC accompanied by hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Nine of these doses is the equivalent of 1 gram.

If the oil is too thick to dispense easily, place the syringe in warm water for a minute or 2, then apply slow, steady pressure to the plunger of the syringe. Some people find the taste of oil acceptable (or even pleasant, go figure) to ingest straight but it does have a bitter taste that can be unpleasant.

*** TIP- Feel free to hide the oil in anything with a strong pleasant flavor (peanut butter and jelly on a cracker as 1 example) and swallow without much chewing. Experiment before putting it under your tongue!

Topical application for skin cancer: apply a very thin layer directly on the cancerous cells and cover with band aid.  Re-apply every 2-3 days or if area gets wet. Can take 3-4 weeks to see cancer disappear.  Continue to apply to area for a week or two after area looks pink and healthy.  Will not affect healthy cells.

Additional Information

CBD Concentrate

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