Why a Full Plan Extract?

Why a full plant extract is better for CBD

The whole Cannabis plant has hundreds of medicinal compounds naturally included in the plant that are void in industrial hemp products. These include terpenes that give Cannabis their smell. But each terpene also has a medicinal property associated with it. This explains why certain strains work better for different ailments. There are also minor cannabinoids including CBC, CBG THCV to name a few. And to top it off there are also flavanoids that alter the taste of each strain. In combination, these hundreds of compounds create what is called “the entourage effect”, which means that in combination, these compounds are much more effective than if taken individually. Industrial hemp CBD now being imported in crystal form is void of all of these other rich compounds. If you see a product claiming to be 98% pure, that means it is an isolated CBD product missing all the goodies. I am only producing CBD from the full plant that include 100’s of additional medicinal compounds working together.