What are the Different Forms of CBD?

types of CBD

Bella’s Gold offers CBD in many forms, concentrations which are better suited for different purposes. We offer tinctures, topicals, concentrates derived from BHO(Butane) and RSO(Rick Simpson Oil) as well as vape oil design for inhalation. So what is the best delivery form for you?


An alternative to smoking that produces the most immediate effect. Good for pain reduction, anxiety, Parkinsons and MS. Usually made by mixing a concentrate of CBD with a carrier oil such as PEG, propylene glycol and possibly added flavor. Main benefits over smoking are stealth and convenience. Some think it is healthier since you are not inhaling the actual bud but not enough research has really been done to boast specific health claims. Bella’s Gold vape oil is 20% concentrate which is about the same as smoking very good bud.

Topical CBDs

Great for pain, arthritis, psoriasis and surface aches. As a general rule you will not test positive while using a topical CBD product as the absorption rate into the bloodstream is very poor. But this also means that a topical is not ideally suited for deeper pain.

CBD Tinctures

Great alternative to smoking and when needing smaller doses (20-80mg/daily) since it is highly diluted. It is taken in drop form, generally under the tongue for quicker entry into the blood stream. Tinctures are made from extracting the resin glands (tricomes) from the bud or diluted from a concentrate. Extraction can be done with glycerine, alcohol, or a carrier oil such as coconut, grapeseed, or hemp to name a few and can vary widely on strength. Tinctures can take between 20 minutes and up to 45 minutes to effective. At Bella’s Gold, we start with a concentrate and dilute with grapeseed oil so that each bottle is consistent.


This a concentrated form of CBD derived from extracting the tricomes from butane. Some refer to this as honey oil because of its golden hue. One of the purest and concentrated forms of oil available when purged correctly. Can vary in concentration from about 55% to over 80% depending on the quality of the starting material. Great when high doses of CBD need to be consumed daily. Can be vaped in concentrated form. Bella’s Gold tinctures start with BHO tested at over 75% pure and diluted into grapeseed oil.


A concentrated form of CBD derived from extracting the resin glands (tricomes) from a variety of solvents and using heat to purge off the solvent. Very high concentration of CBD ranging from about 55% to about 80% depending on starting material. Similar to BHO darker in color. Most commonly sold in syringes and used when treating cancer or when high doses of CBD need to be consumed. Bella’s Gold starts with bud tested at over 16% CBD and less than 1% THC.