How do I Take CBD?

How Do I Take This Stuff?

CBD oil is fat soluble so it will remain in your fat cells and may require a period of time to regulate the optimal dose. Dosing is highly individualized and dependent on what you are treating. For general conditions such as anxiety, lower level pain and inflammation, a standard dose would be in the range of 20mg. You should stay on a dose for at least 3-5 days before increasing. Splitting the dose into AM and PM is also advisable.

For people wishing to cut back on heavy opioids intake, you could easily require 400mg+/daily. For those conditions, the concentrated CBD oil in the syringe that is 75% CBD would be a better alternative.

For Epilepsy: There is no universally accepted dose for controlling seizures. With that said many respond well to about 30-70mg daily. Some may require even higher doses or need THCV instead. We can work with you on other alternatives as time goes on. This is a broad range and you should start at the lower range and remain on a dose for a couple of weeks before increasing. Spread the doses out over 2 or 3 time periods throughout the day. In the case of epilepsy it is possible to overshoot the optimal dose. Overshooting the optimal dose can result in an increase of irritability and seizure activity so it is much better to start slower. I would highly recommend keeping a journal on how much CBD was given, what time of day and seizure activity. This way you can keep an active record of number and intensity of seizure activity, intensity, general mood etc. It will be easier to be objective over time with accurate records.

**If you are administering this via feeding tube you can generally cut the dose considerably. Consider starting with about 50% of what you would take orally.