Is There a Way to Feel Less Stoned?

Yes! How to reduce the Stoned feeling

For those trying to cure cancer or needing high doses of THC for pain control but do not like the feeling of getting high there are several things that you can try

1. Take more CBD. For most conditions there is no need to take more than a 50/50 mix of CBD to THC. Not only does CBD not get you high, but it also lessens the effect of THC. So taking a 10mg dose of THC alone will not get you as high as taking a 10mg of THC with a dose of CBD.

2. Take the higher THC dose at night. If your products are divided into CBD and THC always take the higher CBD product during the day and then the THC dose about 30minutes before bedtime. Just be prepared that if you get up during the night you may feel stoned and disoriented.

3. Citicoline is a non-toxic natural supplement that can greatly reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. It can also aid in the feelings of paranoia and anxiety some experience when taking large doses of THC. The suggested dose is 250-500gr. taken one hour before taking THC.

4. Suppositories. Early research has shown low systemic absorption through rectal delivery. But suppositories are a viable option for prostate cancer, rectal cancer and inflammatory bowel syndrome. You will be able to cut your intake by almost half. For other conditions, it is probably better to add oral dosing or just use oral dosing for better systemic absorption.