What is the Difference Between CBD Oil & Hemp?

CBD 101. What is CBD and CBD Oil?

This is where there is a lot of confusion in advertising, marketing etc. So stay with me here because it is important.

Legally a plant that contains .3% THC or less is classified as hemp. There are 2 basic ways of obtaining this material:

1. Industrial Hemp is usually grown commercially outside, by the acre. The seed and stalk can be processed for oil or its many other industrial uses. The oil produced from this plant does contain CBD and is what is currently the most prevalent product in the marketplace. It has typically been produced and processed overseas and imported into the US where is likely is refined and sold in syringes and as oral tinctures. Although this does have limited effectiveness in the health industry it lacks many of the compounds that give Cannabis its character including its smell, flavor and medicinal properties.

2. Full plant extract is typically grown like a traditional Cannabis plant in smaller batches, in green houses or outdoors, but has 100’s of compounds that interact and create a much more medicinal effect. I will refer to this moving forward as a full plant extract. This is what I grow, process and sell and not only is it considered more effective than industrial hemp CBD you do not need to ingest nearly as high a dose to be effective.