What are the Benefits of CBD Oil for Epilepsy?

Helping Epilepsy with CBD Oil

One of the most promising uses of CBD oil is in the treatment of epilepsy. The use of a full plant extract like Bella’s Gold is much more successful than the industrial hemp variety offered on the internet. But marketing CBD is tricky since it becomes unclear whether some CBD comes from industrial hemp or a full plant extract like Bella’s Gold. The right amount of CBD will virtually eliminate seizures in about 50% of cases while drastically reducing length and number of seizures in many more. The additional huge benefit of using CBD is its minimal side effects compared to the harsh pharmaceuticals available.

Finding the optimal dose takes a bit of experimenting but I recommend for children under 100lbs to start with between .25 to .50 mg of CBD/day to be divided into 2 or 3 doses. For adults the average effective dose is 30mg/day but some need as much as 70mg/day. I would recommend starting lower and remain on a set dosage at least 1-2 weeks before increasing doses. It is possible to overshoot the optimal dose and it does take the body time to adjust.

This is a very rough guide but a good start. Like many medications, each person responds individually to CBD so plan on spending several months dialing in an optimal dose. You may want to chart the progress with logging the number and severity of seizure activity to help be objective.