Can CBD Cure Cancer?

CBD Oil & Its Benefits for Cancer

CBD contains known anti-tumor properties and in fairly high doses can stop the proliferation of cancer cells. Without the much needed research required to validate anecdotal experience, the general consensus among researchers presently suggests that CBD ideally should be combined with equal amounts of THC when trying to cure cancer. Many professionals in the field suggest ingesting orally a gram of oil/day of a 1:1 ratio of CBD/THC in combination to treat cancer. This anecdotally appears to be the present protocol when THC is available. When THC is not available or cannot be tolerated in high doses, CBD alone is great. That represents about 400mg/day of CBD. Taking high doses of industrial hemp will not have the same benefits. (Please read the article on the differences between industrial hemp/full profile extract from the Cannabis plant because it is critical to understand the difference when working with cancer.)

Not only is CBD non-psychoactive, it also reduces the high associated with THC. This means that you will not get as high taking 10mg of THC combined with 10mg of CBD as taking 10mg of THC alone. This allows you to ingest more active cannabinoids into your system without feeling the high. High doses of CBD are generally well tolerated and considered to be safe.

Dr. Allan Frankel based in Santa Monica California has a Cannabis based practice and recommends much lower doses of THC/CBD and claims to have great results. He rarely recommends more that 100mg of active ingredients daily. That is in contrast to most other sources but I respect him greatly and it would be well worth reading his informative blog or getting a phone consultation. His contact info is Greenbridge Medical Services (310)393-0640.